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The Worm


When a strange and sadistic worm like creature crash lands on an unsuspecting earth, two beautiful girls and a hapless construction worker fall victim to its powers of mind control and an unstoppable need to reproduce, in The Worm.
With the ability to crawl into any organism and use the unfortunate being as a host to fulfill its evil needs, The Worm finds the Earth an interesting place to sow its seed. Using humans to do its evil bidding, The Worm binds its victims, forcing entry into any orifice and turning them into zombie puppets to mercilessly tease its next intended mate. You see, The Worm also needs to est, but it doesn’t eat food, it eats fear.

Time: 01:01:03
Released: 1996

Chandra Sweet, Bryan Dunhill, Marilyn Malone


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March 20, 2012